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When it comes time to clean your cuckoo clock, it is essential that you take the proper steps to ensure any potential damage to the timepiece. Clocks that are cleaned by improper methods can cause these items to shift, break, or become damaged so that the clock will fail to keep the proper time or stop working completely. If you are concerned about the status of your clock, consider taking it to a professional clockmaker or a jeweler who specializes in clocks for a cleaning or repairs so you can be certain your clock will last to cuckoo again.

When it comes time to clean you cuckoo clock, consider the clock itself is two actual pieces. The first piece of the clock is the case. Typically made of solid hardwoods, the case of your clock should be properly maintained to keep the beauty of the wood. Additionally, most cuckoo clocks are decorated with heavy carvings or wooden figurines, so you should take great care in cleaning the more decorative clocks due to the fragility of these items. Finally, clocks that have painted details or decorations should be carefully cleaned, since some cleansing agents can remove or damage the wood's finish or the paint itself. Turn to products that will gently remove and dirt, grime, and build up accumulated over the years of display or storage. For general cleaning, avoid using furniture polishes or waxes that can add to your problem. Instead, consider dry dusting or use products made with natural oils like lemon oil or orange oil to keep the wood properly nourished to prevent cracking.

The main workings of the clock are held within the case. These workings are often tiny and intricate, proving to be easily lost or damaged, so take the cleaning process with the utmost care. Before you begin the cleaning process, assemble the necessary cleaning tools. Often, the best tool you can use to cleaning clocks or any other items with small working parts is a simple Q-tip and soapy water. Take care not to soak the clock or any materials with water or any other liquid. Also, use a gentle touch to swab the piece instead of scrubbing the items. Although dirt or grime can stop a clock from running, the workings of a clock do not need to be scrubbed clean in order to work. Unless you have experience working with clocks, it is strongly suggested that you leave the heavy cleanings to the professionals.

A cuckoo clock is a great piece to add character and beauty to any home. Having a clock in clean and working condition is essential for any owner of a cuckoo clock, especially if you are looking to keep the clock as an heirloom piece for future generations.

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Cuckoo Clock History Article

Clocks are an important part of our culture and history. For centuries the quest to keep accurate time has resulted in the amazing ability to keep almost exact time in a functional, stylish package. Clock manufacturers go to great lengths to produce highly accurate clocks in a wide variety of designs. It is often the easiest path to simply purchase an inexpensive clock that functions adequately, but there are numerous choices and types when it comes to shopping for a clock. By simply taking the time to shop for your next clock rather than just pick up the cheapest, most convenient clock you can find, you will discover a wide range of clocks for any room in your home that will express your unique style and excellent taste. Clocks are the perfect addition to any room, wall, desk, outdoor area, shelf, or mantle. A clock can be handcrafted so exquisitely crafted that it is of heirloom quality and would be a treasured addition to your family. There are clocks in any shape, color, style, and many feature additional functions such as alarms and weather forecasters. You may choose a traditional clock with hands and a numerical face, or a modern digital clock with sleek, contemporary styling. A clock is one of the better accessories you can choose for your home or office décor and you can often find great deals from online merchants. Choosing a clock should be given a larger place of importance than we normally consider. A clock can be a wonderful decoration, a purely functional item that is purchased out of necessity, or an heirloom treasure to pass from generation to generation. Whether you want a full-size grandfather clock or a small wind-up alarm clock, take a little time in choosing your next new clock and stop to recall the pride and workmanship that have gone into creating clocks throughout history.

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