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Are you in need of a quality clock to keep time in your home? Do you want a timepiece that marks each hour by a sound? Are you interested in a unique and historic piece that is sure to bring beauty and charm to your home? Do you want a fabulous conversation piece that is sure to catch the eye (and ears) of all who visit your home? If your answer was "yes" to any of these questions, consider purchasing a cuckoo clock for your home. Cuckoo clocks are fantastically unique timepieces that include a small carved bird in the clock's bellows to chirp out the time instead of chime the hour. From the kitsch to the modern to the antique, any tastes and decorative style will benefit from a cuckoo clock.

Since cuckoo clocks are delicate in nature, you should only consider purchasing a cuckoo clock if you have the space to hang a clock securely from your wall. Since the chains and weights generally hang beneath the clock, you should ensure your prospective wall has enough room for the weights to swing freely. Cuckoo clocks are not mantle clocks and should only be hung from a wall, so if you do not have the proper space, you may need to reconsider your purchase.

Many travelers choose to purchase cuckoo clocks as a souvenir of their European adventure. Since cuckoo clocks were traditionally made in the famous Black Forest of Germany, and are continued to be produced using the traditional methods, a cuckoo clock is the perfect souvenir for travelers who want something unique and customary to mark their visit to Germany. However, before your purchase, ensure you will actually use your cuckoo clock once you return to your home. A cuckoo clock in a store full of cuckoos may seem appealing at the time, but you may find differently once you return home. These great clocks are perfect for the right owner, who will cherish and appreciate the unique creation.

The best thing about the cuckoo clock is the bird itself. The cuckoo, a small grey bird native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, is replicated in carved wood and placed in the bellows of the cuckoo clock. Once the clock's hand designates the hour, the bird pops out from his home and sounds the hour. Instead of more traditional clocks that chime the hour, such as mantle clocks equipped with Westminster Chimes, this tiny bird chirps out the hour and is a favorite with both the young and the young at heart. In addition to not being as loud as chimes, the cuckoo clock does not sound for the length of time of a traditional chime clock, so the disturbance is at a minimum.

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Cuckoo Clock History Article

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