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Weights hanging from the bottom of your cuckoo clock keep it running smoothly and accurately. Some cuckoo clocks have two weights and some have three. Since the internal working parts for these two types of timing mechanisms are different, the prices for repairing them will be different no matter where you go or who does the work. Since cuckoo clocks can be purchased for prices ranging from as little as $39.99 for mass produced, discontinued or used items, to as much as many thousands of dollars for pristine, well maintained older versions by acknowledged craftsmen, you should take into account the value of your individual item before you attempt to have anything repaired.

As always, the handcrafted items that decorate the cuckoo clock are only repairable by an equally talented artist or craftsman, so you may have to make do with some sort of damage to the appearance of your cuckoo clock rather than having it professionally repaired. If such a tragedy occurs, it may be worth trying to spend some quality time with your cuckoo clock, some crazy glue and a paint brush and simply do the best you can. Obviously, a museum quality antique cuckoo clock may require the work of some well-trained repair artist or even the original artist if he's still around, to repair damage to the appearance of the cuckoo clock or the fašade. For most, however, the Internet provides a number of companies who specializing in repairs, regardless of the age or who manufacturer of the cuckoo clocks.

One of the most popular repair websites on the Internet is the aptly named Displaying expertise and quite extensive knowledge about all manner of timepieces, modern as well as antiques, will run you through a series of questions and inform you about simple, at home repairs you might want to try before sending your treasured timepiece to them for repairs. Their frequently asked questions page has saved many a cuckoo clock owner from the hassle of having to pack their cuckoo clock in protective shipping gear and send it to the company for repair.
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Cuckoo Clock History Article

We all know what a clock is. There are many different types of clocks. Clocks come in all different shapes and sizes. Can you imagine going a whole day in your life without ever knowing the time? Most people can't. Our entire lives are based around knowing the time. Schedules and appointments are all planned around the time of day.

We plan when to get up, when to go to work or school, when to come home, when to have dinner and when to go back to bed all based on the time of day. Time seems to be very important is our lives so it makes sense that a way to keep track of time is equally important.

Types of Clocks

There are different types of clocks in different shapes and sizes. You can get a clock to go in every room of your house and to match every different decor you can imagine. There are large clocks and small clocks and clocks of different sizes.

Early versions of clocks included sun clocks and water clocks. Clocks have advanced quite a bit since then but one thing remains the same; there are two basic components of a clock. For one, a clock must keep a constant or repetitive action to mark off equal increments of time. Hourglasses, oil lamps and more were used to mark these passages of time. Now more modern clocks use a balance wheel, pendulum, vibrating crystal, or electromagnetic waves to help mark the time.

The second thing that a clock has is a means of keeping track of increments of time and a way to display that. The modern ways of displaying that time is either with a digital display or by the positioning of the hands of the clock.

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